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Exciting Collaboration to Offer ILM Level 5 Online Coaching and Mentoring

There is no better time to become a coach and mentor.  How do I know? 

The early stages of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns were hard on all of us, in different ways. Isolation, joblessness, childcare, and many other challenges severely affected the mental well-being of many people around the world. Yet here we are, a year on. How are we coping? 

The physical health effects of COVID-19 and the countless deaths the pandemic has claimed have been, and continue to be, devastating on a global scale.  Many found it hard to cope with the grief and isolation, and others found it hard to deal with job loss and financial insecurity.  These struggles are affecting our mental health and involve some of the key predictors of burnout, including an unsustainable workload, the absence of a supportive community, and the feeling that you don’t have control over your life and work. 

The world needs more coaches to help and support others to take back...

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One week to go to our next NLP Practitioner course

Would you like to learn how to be at your best most of the time?  

My NLP journey started back in 1997 when I was a young senior manager at one of the top 4 consultancy firms wanting to make more of an impression amongst a sea of older male colleagues.  It was tough to find a way to be listened to and taken seriously.  Every time i tried to speak up at meetings my voice seemed to get drowned out.  I remember sharing this with my boss at the time and he said he had heard that 'Neuro Linguistic Programming'  was excellent for improving your communication skills.  I spoke to someone who had taken the Practitioner course and they thoroughly recommended it.  Mind you they warned me that I should only take the course if I was really serious about making changes in my life.  I must admit that I was really curious about this and I decided to sign up.  

You realise that it is these moments of decision that change starts to take place and...

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What gets in the way of you changing?

Welcome to our blog where you will find inspiration and actionable advice to build resilience and success in these unprecedented times.  

I am often asked why is it so tough to make changes in your life?  So I thought this week I would do my best to explain what happens and what you can do about it.

In an ideal world behaviour change would happen like this…

‘’I know exercise is good for me

Therefore, I am going for a run’’

Wouldn’t it be great if as humans we react positively and change when we learn something that could be good for us?

But, more often we know that we should do something but we choose not to…

‘’I know exercise is good for me’’

‘’But I prefer to stay at home and watch Netflix’’

I am sure that we would all recognise this example.  Even when we understand that something would bring a positive reward, we still choose to do something else.  For example, in...

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Discovering NLP and emerging as a new me

goals inspiration nlp Jul 25, 2021

This week we have another guest blog from a member of Team NLP. Maria is one of our newly qualified Master Practitioners.  Over to Maria....

Ever since I did psychology A level I knew that one day I would be working with people, and helping people understand how their mind affects everything in their life. Back then I had never heard of NLP or coaching, and I didn’t know exactly in what capacity I’d be fulfilling my calling.

Fast forward 22 years and I look back on an exciting and rewarding career working in Digital Engineering, and I have especially enjoyed the increasing leadership responsibilities I have picked up over the last 10 years.

I heard about Neuro Linguistic Programming through my osteopath who had trained with Team NLP. After signing up to attend an intensive course in Spring 2020, Covid-19 happened and suddenly the world stood still. The amazing trainers at Team NLP did nothing but – they created an online version of the NLP Practitioner course...

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What changes would you make if you knew you couldn't fail?

It doesn’t matter how you have lived your life until this moment. All that matters is what your dreams are, what you ache for in the future. The only moment is now. Living in the past can slow us down as much as worrying about the future. Change can happen in an instant, in the blink of an eye or the click of a finger, once you have made a decision to go for it. Think about it – you start to create your future as soon as you make a decision.

 I’m curious to know, could your life be better? Ask yourself the following questions to find out:

  • Am I getting what I want out of life? 
  • Do I have stretching goals for the future? 
  • Am I reaching my full potential? 
  • Am I fulfilled by my work? 
  • Is my relationship the way I dreamed about? 
  • Do I have enough money to do what I want to do with my life? 
  • Is my life in balance? 
  • Am I happy with my body shape? 
  • Do I have enough energy to enjoy my day? 

If you answered...

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What's Stopping You?

How are you this week?  Have you ventured out and enjoyed being in the (rather chilly) outdoors?  We have had a couple of outside meals and it was amazing how we adapted to eating outside albeit with several layers on!  We looked rather like the Michelin man....still it was worth it to be with friends and enjoy wonderful restaurant food again.   

I was wondering what to write about this week and I reflected back on a couple of conversations I have had with people not yet ready to create the changes they want in their lives.  After lockdown, we each have an ideal opportunity to re-evaluate where we are in our lives and make some choices about what is going well for us and what we may want to change.  The interesting question for me is why people favour the status quo rather than make any shifts?  

The Beckhard-Harris Change Equation is normally used in the workplace but it struck me that it also works for us as individuals too and it...

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Which of your new behaviours will stick after the pandemic?

Hi {{ first_name }},

Our weekly Team NLP blog where you will find inspiration and actionable advice on how to build healthy habits, resilience, and connections in our unprecedented times.

What have you changed? 

When I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a change management consultant we often ran a corporate game with clients called 'the Change Line'.  We spilt the group into two and set up the room with two lines of people so that everyone had a partner that they stood opposite.  We would then ask everyone to turn around, change 6 things about themselves and then turn back around.  Their partner had to say what they had changed.  We did this for several rounds, and, as you can imagine, the game got progressively challenging as everyone had to be more creative with their changes.  After round two, they started swopping items with neighbours in the same row as them and actively collaborating.  There were always lots of lessons to be drawn out of...

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Launching our new free e-book ‘The Year that Changed Everything’

goals motivation Feb 19, 2021

Something for everyone to help keep you going

I have talked before about the fact that last year I set myself an audacious goal to write a blog every week in 2020.  And I nearly did it! What a year it turned out to be with the onset of the pandemic early in the year. We were in Canada just before the UK went into its first lockdown and got one of the last flights out from Canada to get back home.  It was a testing time.  Nearly a year on, as I look back at my blogs, I realise that they tell a story of a remarkable year…the year that changed everything.  So, I decided to put them altogether in a new e-book that not only tells the story of a remarkable year, it is filled with our best tips to keep going with grace and hope.  This is a gift to you, and I hope that you will refresh yourself on how to get to or stay in a positive place where the gift of life is more important than anything else.  Please find the e-book attached to this blog. ...

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How to create a great relationship in 2021

goals relationships values Feb 19, 2021

What’s important to you?

I hope you enjoyed the new e-book we sent out last week called ‘The Year that Changed Everything’.  I have appreciated all the great feedback and many of you have passed it onto friends and family too. 

As I write this week’s blog it is Valentines Day.  I hope you are having fun.  I ran a session with my Master Practitioners this morning and was reminded that it doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a partner, it is important to practice some self-love today too!  I will certainly be finding time for some quiet reading.  As it is Valentine’s Day, I want to talk about how do you create a relationship that fits your needs?  This could be important if you are single and searching for that next special person or you want to improve the relationship you are in.  One way of doing this is to find out your relationship values and to reflect on whether they are being met if you are in a...

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