How NLP and Neuroscience can help you through setbacks

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A few years back I supplemented my NLP training by also becoming a Practitioner in Brain and Behaviour Change. I was struck by how well a combined NLP and Neuroscience tool-kit gives a fascinating insight into how our brains react to change, be it a personal change or a change project you are involved with at work.  Often it is fear that stops us from taking that vital next step.  Your amygdala or your brain's 'fear centre' kicks in sending stress hormones into the body that create anxiety about the change, cloud judgement, often catastrophise what might happen.  A small change can appear exaggerated and this neurological process stops you from taking that next step.  Conversely, those people who are most successful, have a growth mindset where challenges and risks are seen as opportunities.  What is a growth mindset you may ask?  Essentially it's about being open and curious and being willing to try and then learn from whatever happens.  

What are some NLP / Neuroscientific Strategies for overcoming setbacks?

Reframe the story: Instead of worrying about potential mistakes, focus on learning and improvement. This activates the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for critical thinking and problem-solving. In NLP we say there is no failure only feedback!  

Be proud of yourself for making the effort: Acknowledge taking that next step, even if the outcome wasn't ideal. This triggers the dopamine reward system, boosting motivation and encouraging continued effort.  It makes it easier to continue.  

Stay calm: Practise mindfulness exercises like meditation or deep breathing. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you to manage stress and stay calm in challenging situations.

Share your story: Find a friend or a workmate, maybe someone who wants to achieve something similar to you.  Support and encourage each other so together you can overcome any challenges.  This activates the hippocampus, promoting positive memories and building confidence for future endeavours.

Remember, setbacks are normal.  Use these strategies to build your own growth mindset and keep going. 

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Have a great week.

Lindsey and all at Team NLP.