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NLP training in the UK and going global!

We have a vision for Team NLP to be ‘Leading the Global Movement in NLP based Personal Development’. Yes, this is a big audacious vision that will be created by building NLP development hubs all over the world to bring change and success to those seeking much more out of their lives.

We believe we are the first NLP training business to not only offer the full-range of accredited NLP development programmes but also to offer our newly qualified students a unique opportunity to join Team NLP and help build a global business transforming the world one person or organisation at a time!

What is different about us is that once you have become a Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer or Master Trainer of NLP you can join a team that shares and collaborates to deliver world-class training events in a consistently winning way. You will be someone who relishes the opportunity of working alongside like-minded people and is willing to work hard and to be accountable for the teams’ results. 

NLP training in the UK

Meet the Team NLP trainers:

Lindsey Agness - Founder of NLP

Lindsey Agness

Our founder is Lindsey Agness, one of the first female Master Trainers of NLP in the UK, and author of four best-selling books on NLP-based organisational and personal change. Lindsey believes that everyone has the ability to change their lives and that it is never too late to change and she is willing to do whatever it takes to assist you to find your purpose in life and rediscover your passion.

Lindsey is the founder and managing director of Team NLP. She is the first woman Master Trainer of NLP in the UK accredited through the American Board of NLP. She trains and coaches using NLP for individuals and international businesses and she is an award-winning author. Lindsey worked for 11 years as a change management consultant, corporate trainer and coach for PricewaterhouseCooper and has now been an entrepreneur since 2005.

‘’I’ve spent the majority of my career assisting others not just to cope with change in their lives but to embrace it. Change is inevitable in life. If we are not able to embrace change, we will find ourselves stuck where we are, growing more and more frustrated and unhappy. I was born in the East End of London and was the first woman in my family to go to university and the first to have a successful consulting career within one of the big ‘4’.

In my 40’s, I stumbled upon NLP when I was offered the chance to attend a Practitioner course to improve my communication skills by my boss. I was completely blown away by the benefits of the course. I made a decision there and then that NLP would be a key part of my life as it seemed to provide so many practical answers and guidance about how to change and create success in your life. Shortly afterwards I made the scary move into entrepreneurship by starting my own business. The rest is history. I owe so much to NLP as it has enabled me to change my own life and for me to have had an impact on so many other lives too.

I believe that everyone can change their lives and that it is never too late to start. All it takes is a decision to do something differently. I am willing to do whatever it takes to assist you to find your purpose in life and rediscover your passion. Are you ready?’’.

Lindsey is also regularly invited as a keynote speaker through A-Speakers to speak about professional and personal change.

Tracey Gray is a Director of Team NLP

Tracey Gray

Tracey is a Director of Team NLP. Her passion in life is NLP. Through training and coaching she empowers people to achieve their dreams. She is a trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, mBIT and a HeartMath Resilience trainer.

‘’I was first introduced to NLP over 25 years ago when life had thrown me a massive curve ball. I was going through a traumatic divorce and had 2 small children who I needed to protect and provide security for. Fortunately at the time I experienced NLP coaching and never looked back. As a result I trained as a registered nurse and had an incredible career within the NHS as a Nurse, A senior lecturer at 2 red brick universities I then set up a service to train medical students in an innovative way using simulation. The research created here was disseminated internationally and resulted in me being appointed as Head of Education and Organisational Development for a large NHS Trust.

Throughout my career I was always grateful for the coaching I had received all those years ago. By this time my small children were grown up both secure and very happy pursuing their dreams. During an in house training day I was introduced again to NLP and decided I wanted to train as a trainer and really make a difference in people’s lives. I trained as a trainer and introduced NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses with my NHS region. Also utilising the many tools of NLP to change culture and practice in an organisational development capacity. Including designing and leading an NLP Intervention which won 2 prestigious national awards – The Nursing Times Award for Excellence in staff health and well being and the Training Journal award for Best Organisational Development Programme’’.

After leaving the NHS Tracey successfully ran her own NLP training, coaching and therapy business. She now lives most of the year in Cyprus and is in demand as an international trainer and coach where she brings NLP to many organisations and individuals. All her NLP certification trainings are now all through Team NLP which provides students with high quality training, assessment and continual professional development.

Tracey is a Director of Team NLP

Tonje Aaroe

Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe is a Certified Trainer in NLP, coach, consultant and entrepreneur, dedicated to helping you and your business thrive in the digital paradigm shift we are in.

She is an ex-Googler who has lived and worked in Paris, France and Geneva Switzerland with deep knowledge of how to thrive in always changing environments. Tonje Elisabeth help you raise your awareness about what you want, gain clarity in what you want to achieve and enable you to breakthrough to create sustainable lasting results in any area of your life, with a particular focus on your work life / career.

She is a keynote speaker on staff engagement and culture change, published author, with a can-do attitude to do whatever it takes to get results for her clients.

Tracey is a Director of Team NLP

Sophie Baker

Sophie is a Trainer of NLP. Her journey into NLP started almost as soon as she could walk as she is Lindsey’s daughter! It is fair to say though that she resisted getting trained in NLP during her early years. However, during a period of change in her own life in her mid 20’s when nothing seemed to be going to plan Sophie decided to get more involved in NLP as she realised that the tools had transformed her mother’s life and could help her get the focus and purpose into her life that she needed.

Getting involved in NLP gave her the confidence to try new things and she successfully climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro in 2018, something that she would never have imagined doing before NLP. She has also transformed her levels of confidence in dealing with anything that life throws at her.

She works for a children’s charity using her NLP tool-kit to empower the young people she meets through her work. In her spare time she is an active member of Team NLP, regularly coaching and assisting on the Team NLP trainings.

Anton Micallef is a multi-dimensional health care practitioner

Anton Micallef

Anton is a multi-dimensional health care practitioner, who runs his own Natural Health Practice in Kent.

After completing an integrated master’s degree at the European School of Osteopathy, he began his career solely as an Osteopath. Since then, he has branched out into Homeopathy, Western Medical Acupuncture, and Nutrition. Alongside this, Anton is a Trainer of NLP and is using it primarily in the life coaching field. He uses a versatile approach with his clients guaranteeing fast and lasting change, leading them to become the author of their own lives and take back control.

Having always been interested in the effects of mindset, goal setting and personal development, when Anton discovered NLP, he knew it was the next step he needed to take. Studying NLP enabled him to achieve his own goal and fulfil his life aspiration of helping others on a daily basis, which has been the most rewarding part of his journey to date.

Anton’s favourite aspects of being a Master Practitioner in NLP is the ability to understand why people behave the way they do and always being able to show others the simple changes they can make which can have a huge impact on their lives.

Maria Hicks is a qualified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

Maria Hicks

Maria Hicks is a qualified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner who works with a wide range of private and corporate clients, and with a particular focus on helping people overcome low confidence and imposter syndrome.

Before becoming a coach and starting her own business, Maria worked in Digital across public, charity and private sector organisations. In the last 10 years Maria has travelled the world and supported the Digital growth for UK’s largest insurer making connections with hearts and minds across the globe.

If you ask Maria why she decided to become a Coach and what spurred her on to start her own business, she will tell you that helping people makes her heart sing and being able to support others to overcome barriers and live their best life is the best job she can think of.


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