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In this free mini-course you will learn

    • Define NLP in general and in specific contexts.
    • Understand the background of NLP.
    • Discuss the NLP Communication Model and how it helps to give us choice.
    • Describe the Rules for Success.
    • Connect with frames of NLP and apply to daily life.
    • Understand how energy works in your body. 
    • Use anchoring techniques to change your state in an instant 
    • Make the link between your beliefs and your success
    • Change your limiting beliefs into more empowering ones.
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NLP Practitioner training with Team NLP

I have loved every minute of my NLP Practitioner training with Team NLP. The blended learning approach works very well - the different ways of learning with video, manual and a Live session helps to absorb the learning. Tracey and Lindsey have been brilliant; they always have time for me and they are supportive and encouraging. The flexible approach has been great for me as I have been able to fit in this training alongside my day-job and family commitments. I can’t wait to continue my NLP journey and I know who I want to guide me through - Team NLP!

Maria x