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 Executive Coaching and Team Coaching


Executive coaching is a professional development strategy that involves one of our team working with you to unlock your potential, enhance your performance, and achieve your goals. The primary aim of executive coaching is to improve leadership and management performance, often by developing your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and capacity to influence others. Our role is to inspire, challenge and support you as you work toward your full potential ‚ÄĒ and beyond. We work in an action-orientated way, meaning we focus on setting measurable goals to encourage tangible progress. Our coaching contracts are for blocks of 6 x 1-hour online sessions.
We also work with groups or teams, supporting and challenging them to deliver their strategic objectives for the organisation. We do this by sharing ideas and offering a fresh perspective on current and future plans. A group coach also has the impact of helping to keep projects on track and to develop high-performing teams.

Our hourly rates start from £250 for 1:1 executive coaching and we usually recommend a series of 6 sessions.

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Corporate Director Testimonial

‚ÄúLindsey¬†brings an innovative and well thought out approach to managing change and delivering improvement through¬†coaching. She is engaging, knowledgeable, challenging and asks great questions that make you think deeply. She is a great asset working with our team as we set about some significant challenges in the public sector.‚ÄĚ


Life Coaching

Life coaching addresses issues related to career, health, fitness, finances, interpersonal relationships, or general well-being. They’re an excellent resource for those who feel stalled or disconnected from their goals, as they help you build self-awareness and feel motived to find purpose and passion for life. The purpose of life coaching is not to tell you what to do; it will use questions and discussions with you to help you answer their method of achieving the given goals or aims. They will set out a motivational and empowered environment which can be effectively implemented into the client’s thinking, allowing them to look at the broader understanding of their overcoming challenges.  Our coaches use NLP to help empower and support you to achieve your goals in all areas of life. 

Our hourly rates start at £150 for 1:1 life coaching and we usually recommend a series of 6 sessions. 

Client Testimonial

"Working with Lindsey has been a transformative experience. In a relatively short time, Lindsey helped me in uncovering the root causes of my challenges and instigating internal shifts in the way I perceive and process beliefs and thoughts, ultimately reshaping my belief system. Beyond her expertise, Lindsey's kindness and warmth made each session enjoyable, fostering a positive anticipation for our next meeting. I highly recommend working with Lindsey for anyone seeking profound personal transformation."

Break Through


The¬†BreakThrough¬†Coaching¬†session is an intensive and rewarding solution.¬† It works best for those who are committed to doing whatever it takes to shift their issue fast and get the results that they want.¬† The session is different to traditional counselling and¬†coaching¬†methodologies.¬† Like the ice-berg, the purpose of the session is to work with what lies beneath the water level ‚Äď for example, what you believe about yourself, your values and the strategies you use to run your life.¬† The session is results focused and works like a laser beam to pinpoint the cause of your current situation and assists you to break through into a new way of behaving and living your life.¬† The session lasts between 6 ‚Äď 7 hours, and, there is at least one follow up session to ensure you have taken action and achieved the results you want.¬†

The cost of the BreakThrough session is £1500.

Client Testimonial

’After my BreakThrough Coaching session with Lindsey, the panic attacks I experienced every time I was asked to give a presentation at work completely disappeared.’’ 


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