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The Power and Challenge of Your Autopilot

health mindfulness mindset May 08, 2022

Autopilot is the opposite of mindfulness.  In fact a study by Duke University back in 2006 found that nearly half of all our behaviour is automatic.  This means you get triggered by an unconscious thought and off you go adopting a habitual behaviour.  Does this sound familiar?  So, autopilot is a state of mind disengaged from the present and stuck in the habits of the past.  Letting go of our automatic behaviour enables us to escape the pull of the past, and offers us a better chance of happiness.  We often reflect on how we felt or feel about past experiences and try to apply our conclusions to attain happier outcomes in the future.  The problem occurs when we repeat this process automatically, offering the same emotional reactions to similar situations, even though the outcome last time was far from ideal.

When on autopilot, the mind steals it reactions from the past.  We don' realise that when we are in auto-pilot mode that we have a...

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What does Netflix have to do with changing behaviour?

goals personal change Apr 24, 2022

How are you? 

I was asked recently to appear as a guest in a podcast for 'Change Out Loud'.  I always find them such fun and this one was no exception.  The panelists Adnan and Kara asked me to speak about a topic which I love - 'What does it take to shift behaviour?' 

In an ideal world behaviour change would happen like this…

‘’I know exercise is good for me

Therefore, I am going for a run’’

Wouldn’t it be great if as humans we react positively and change when we learn something that could be good for us?

But, more often we know that we should do something but we choose not to…

‘’I know exercise is good for me’’

‘’But I prefer to stay at home and watch Netflix’’

Why is this?  

I want to talk about an important concept from neuro-science which explains why behaviour change is such as challenge for us. Often the heart and mind do not agree!  The brain has two...

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How you think can make your pain worse

health mindset wellbeing Apr 10, 2022

How have the last two weeks been for you? 

I read a very interesting article called 'How you think about physical pain can make it worse'.  It's by Meryl Davids Landau referencing the work of Vitaly Napadow, a neuro scientist at Harvard Medical School.  It confirms the mind-body link that we NLP'ers have known and spoken about for many years.  With so many people searching for alternative approaches beyond the pharmaceutical options, this approach brings new hope.  One patient who had been in pain for 18 years was taught what is called 'pain reprocessing therapy'.  The goal was to reprogramme his brain by teaching him that his ongoing agony was not caused by lingering tissue injury but by misfiring neural circuits related to his dread of pain or what is often called 'catastrophising'.  

What the research has shown is that those people who 'catastrophise' in their heads about their pain thinking it will never get better, that it's going to be...

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A Useful Tool for Managing Stress Part 2

In my blog of the 20th February, I spoke about the science behind how to turn everyday stress into optimal stress.  Since then we have had the war break out in Ukraine and our levels of stress are once again at peak levels as we pray for the people of Ukraine and take the action we can personally take to support the war effort.  I have been especially distressed by the photos of the men (and women) of Ukraine leaving their families behind to go to the front line.  As a mother I am anxious for the future safety of my own children.   

I have been reflecting on what Team NLP can do to help.  So today I have a thought challenging tip for you and an idea about how we can support the Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK. 

Firstly, the tip for you...

Anxiety is best described as the unhelpful thinking patterns you experience when your mind fixates on threat, uncertainty and negativity.  This technique helps by broadening your focus to include a...

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Last shout out for our next NLP Practitioner starting the 19th March

How are you finding 2022? 

I am finding that many of my coaching clients are feeling anxious and uncertain as we emerge from two years of corona virus only to find ourselves now overwhelmed by the struggles of the Ukrainian people.  In these moments it can help to have some personal space to review where you are in your life and to figure out what you can control and change.  Our blended online NLP Practitioner will give you a toolkit that not only helps you to focus on what you want and provides you with the confidence to move ahead differently but also delivers the skills to support those around you.  

Specifically our NLP Training will help you to:

  • Develop your personal resilience to deal with the uncertainty in our world today 
  • Decide what you really want out of your life
  • Break unhelpful patterns that have held you back 
  • Give you the confidence to really go for it!
  • Build great relationships with family, friends, clients and colleagues
  • ...
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How to turn everyday stress into 'optimal stress' - part one

health mindset nlp Feb 20, 2022

How is your year starting out for you?  I am wondering if you recognise this of my coachees hoped a recent vacation would be the reset they needed giving them a head of steam to fight against the growing feeling of frustration, anxiety and restlessness they had been feeling as the pandemic wore on.  It isn't working out that way and they are seeking help.

Many people are experiencing levels of stress that are overwhelming the coping strategies they have used in the past and not fully recognising it.  At the core of this challenge is a misguided view of stress itself - many see it as something to fight against or minimise it.  No meaningful life is stress-free of course.  However, there is a level of 'optimal stress' for each one of us that actually helps us to solve important problems and grow from our experiences.  In a normal stress response, when the threat passes, our heightened state is followed by the calming effects of our...

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Free Team NLP Conference Materials

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2022

A quick email from me this week as I have diverted from packing our house up before our move this Tuesday.  To be honest it is a very welcome break!

Did you manage to attend our free NLP event on the 22nd January 2022? If you remember we had six members of Team NLP presenting on related topics to do with future proofing your life with NLP.  It is the second time we have run our free event and it will be part of our annual schedule.  It is an opportunity for us to share tips and techniques with those of you interested in NLP and wanting to make a change in your life. 

There were many highlights: 

  • Tracey spoke about how to make yourself more accountable for the changes you want in your life
  • Tonje shared tips about how to take charge of your time with a useful technique
  • Maria helped with activities for quietening negative self-talk that keeps you stuck
  • Anton shared his extensive knowledge on supplements to keep your brain health and immune system in tip top...
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Last chance to sign up to our free NLP event on the 22nd January 2022

How has 2022 started for you?

If the past year was good for you, what will you introduce to make 2022 even better? And, if looking back at the past year, you see unaccomplished goals and missed opportunities you have the chance to start over with a clean slate. Are you wondering what to do to start the new year right because how you start the new year is likely to set the tone for the rest of the year? This is why we decided to run our annual Team NLP conference with the theme of 'How to Future Proof Your Life' to give you lots of practical ideas and strategies that you can take into your 2022. 

We have 6 Keynote talks to help you create 2022...

  1. So What's stopping you? - Tracey Gray will explore with you the universal law of cause and effect to enable you to crush any limiting beliefs and give you more options and choices.
  2. Improve your self leadership in 2022 -Tonje Aaroe will share content from the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and learn how to make a...
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What contributes to a life worth living?

Last October an influencer of mine, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a Hungarian American psychologist, passed away.  He wrote the book 'Flow: The Psychology of the Optimal Experience'.  

“The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times . . . The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile”

(Csikszentmihalyi, 1990).

There is an idea that if you just had a bigger house or more money you would be happier.  However, it has been proven that once your basis needs are met, having more of the above does not guarantee happiness.  The ideal state of 'flow' comes when you are in the zone where your level of challenge and skills are equally matched. If you are too challenged it can cause anxiety or if you are not using your skills you are bored.  For example, watching Netflix every night is low challenge/ low...

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New Year New You?

goals inspiration mindset nlp Jan 04, 2022
Welcome to my blog where you will find inspiration and actionable advice on how to improve your life using NLP.  

As we mark the end of another challenging year we are all wondering what 2022 holds for us and our families. I have come to realise as we look ahead to the New Year that there is no idyllic 'post-pandemic' future.  Life is a constant process of change and evolution.  There is no return to a pre-pandemic 'normal'. Life will never be quite the same as there is no static normal.  As we all enter 2022, it's dawned on me and probably on you too, that this uncertainty is my life.  However, there is so much we can take control of.  For example, how we think and feel, how we react to our environment and how we choose to grow and develop so we can manage our personal journey with anticipation and motivation rather than fear.   

I am guessing if you are like more than half of those who set New Year's resolutions, that you will lose...

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