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The Top Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Top benefits of hypnotherapy

Here are what I believe to be the top benefits of hypnotherapy.

1. It can ease stress

Post pandemic, levels of well-being an stress are at an all-time low. Stress reduction with hypnosis is one of the easiest ways...

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Exciting Collaboration to Offer ILM Level 5 Online Coaching and Mentoring

There is no better time to become a coach and mentor.  How do I know? 

The early stages of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns were hard on all of us, in different ways. Isolation, joblessness, childcare, and many other challenges severely affected the mental well-being of many people around the world. Yet here we are, a year on. How are we coping? 

The physical health effects of COVID-19 and the countless deaths the pandemic has claimed have been, and continue to be, devastating on a global scale.  Many found it hard to cope with the grief and isolation, and others found it hard to deal with job loss and financial insecurity.  These struggles are affecting our mental health and involve some of the key predictors of burnout, including an unsustainable workload, the absence of a supportive community, and the feeling that you don’t have control over your life and work. 

The world needs more coaches to help and support others to take back...

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Do you overthink yourself out of making a change in your life?

What is holding you back from making changes to your life big or small? 

I’ve noticed, especially as we come out of lockdown, clients, family and friends overthinking an opportunity.  Maybe it's because many of us have had too much time on our hands and in our heads. So what happens is that you end up overthinking every little problem to do with the change until it becomes bigger and scarier than it actually is.  And, you even overthink the positive things until they don’t look so positive anymore (and as the anxiety starts to build).  Or you over analyse and deconstruct things and so the happiness that comes from just enjoying something in the moment disappears.

Now, of course, thinking things through can be useful and getting lost in the negatives of what might happen rather the positives leads to standing still.  Have you ever thought that you have no choices until you make one?!  The risk is that you spend your life in your head...

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What is Mindset and Why it Matters

inspiration mindset Mar 21, 2021

What is Mindset?

It is your way of thinking which is why it matters. 

In a word, it is your mental inclination or dispositionor your frame of mind.  Your mindset is your collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits.  And your thought habits affect how you think, what you feel, and what you do.  Your mind-set impacts how you make sense of the world, and how you make sense of you.

So, your mindset is a big deal.  Have you ever thought about what you focus on?  Are you a glass half empty or glass half full type of person?  Are you reactive or proactive? Are you a radiator or drain on those around you?  Do you prefer to focus on the art of the possible or the excuses that keep you stuck?  Whatever you focus on grows in your mind so this blog is all about helping you figure out if you are focusing on what you want in your life, the right things as we come out of lockdown? 

Although the work of Dr...

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