Are you moving in the right direction?

goals nlp Oct 22, 2023

It feels like I could do more with my life but what exactly?  I have made some changes and yet still find it hard to get what I want out of my life. I am feeling stuck on a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I am extending myself on a cycle of push, achieve, feel unhappy, push even harder...It's so much easier to blame external events than take a look at myself when I don't achieve what I want.  

Do any of these sound like you right now?  You are the only one who can move forward from the sameness, stuckness, the self-sabotage.  You have a choice to change.  What if you could have more clarity, build consistent success, develop an optimised mind? Little did I know when I arrived on day one of my NLP Practitioner course way back in 1997 that NLP would give me the tool-kit to build a career which has given me freedom, energy, resilience and a success that lights up my soul and which could do the same for you.  

So what was it about the NLP Practitioner that got me hooked? It was the ability to take control of what I wanted in my life and to believe in myself to create it.  The realisation that I could get a different set of results for myself and enable others to do the same was utterly compelling.  Although my corporate career was wonderful in many ways, it was inflexible and exhausting, and, I wanted to discover what I was really capable of.  I chose for NLP to permeate all areas of my life, and, to allow me the privilege of supporting others to transform their lives too.  Twenty-five later, I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without giving myself permission to focus on myself back in 1997.  

That was my 'why'.  What's yours?  Could your life be better? Would any of the following reasons be useful to you?

NLP Practitioner Training will help you to:

  • Set compelling goals to enable you to become more focused about what you want out of life
  • Manage your state so you can always choose to be in control of your emotions and destiny
  • Break unhelpful patterns that have held you back
  • Coach others to set goals for themselves
  • Build great relationships with family, friends, clients and colleagues
  • Heighten your sensitivity to what is going on around you
  • Become a world-class communicator
  • Develop your flexibility in dealing with all situations
  • Improve your ability to generate commitment, co-operation and enthusiasm amongst those around you

Our next online NLP Practitioner begins on the 29th October 2023.  You can join us form anywhere in the world.  The course is a mix of self-directed online learning, on line live sessions led by myself and our experienced trainer team and an assessment process.  The investment is £1500 which can be spread over 6 months (£275 per month).  And, if you are already an NLP Practitioner from any NLP school and you want to review the programme, you can do this for only £500.  Here to everything you need: NLP Practitioner Course

And, I'd be happy to have an online call to explain more and answer your questions.  Email me at [email protected] and we will set it up. 

Are you ready to help YOU make a change? 

Warm wishes

Lindsey and the team at Team NLP