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Are you on track?

Believe it or not, we’re more than halfway through 2022.  What does this trigger in you?  Are you doing well or are your ambitions for the year far from realised? Perhaps you still feel that you are catching up with time since COVID exploded all manner of norms and routine? If so, know you are not alone. 

By challenging your progress to date this year, I want to take you back to your original intentions at the start of the year.  Ask yourself honestly, what has gone well so far, what hasn't happened yet and what can you learn from each of these questions? Moments like this, as artificial as time is, give us a chance to refocus our awareness for the rest of the year.  It was Tony Robbins who said that 'Where focus goes energy flows'. So where is your focus?  What needs to change or get even better? 

In the next few weeks, in addition to taking some necessary holiday rest, find some time to pause, reflect, and align on the best use of the...

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Three Ways to Future Proof Your Life

When there is no turning back, then we should only concern ourselves with the

best way of going forwards 

Paul Coelho

At Team NLP we are now gearing up to our conference on the 22nd January 2022 with the title 'How to future proof your life'.  We have six speakers, all members of Team NLP, who will be sharing their top tips on different areas of our lives as we move into uncertain territory again at the start of 2022.  More news about how to sign up next time!  For now keep the date clear!

I thought I would share a few of my early thoughts on the topic to get you thinking...  We often hear that with every challenge comes opportunity. If you have been waiting for a sign to make a change, the next normal may have sped it up for you.  It certainly has for me both in my personal and business life.

3 Tips to Practice

In an already fast-paced and often superficial social media world, the power of authenticity is increasingly gaining popularity....

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How to make lasting change in a post-covid world

I was invited by a buddy of mine, Gerry Murray, who I met a few years ago whilst participating in a neuro science course, to join his pod cast to talk about how to create lasting change in a post-covid world.  I am full of admiration for Gerry as he has a weekly blog, and, it was his blog that inspired me to start writing a regular blog nearly two years ago now. 

We spoke for nearly an hour on the topic of change, both in organisations and for individuals because at the end of the day it is the individuals in organisations that create lasting change. I share my own personal story in terms of how I got to where I am today and I share many of my personal insights into what I have learnt along the way.  Gerry asked me about my book writing career and tips about how my first book 'Change Your Life with NLP' got published and how it made made a real difference to the lives of many people.  

We go onto discuss the importance of inner leadership how this is where...

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