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How to make better choices in your life

goals values wellbeing Oct 24, 2021

When I was thinking about what to write this week it struck me that many of us have decisions to make as we move forwards with our lives following nearly 20 months of lockdowns and restrictions.  Maybe you want to make a change with your job, where you live, your relationship, health and so on.  With so much uncertainty surrounding us, we can often allow ourselves to make a decision too quickly or not all all and stay stuck. The work of Daniel Kahneman is very useful to help us become more aware of how we make decisions and how we can improve our decision making.  It links well with the concepts from NLP about the conscious and unconscious minds. 

On average we all have about 35,000 decisions to make each day. These differ in difficulty and importance. It could be you taking a step to your left or right when walking. Or deciding to take the stairs or lift. If you had to consciously process all these decisions your brain would crash.  The research...

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Learning to live your true life

So happy to be back blogging this week after a few weeks of moving house and getting back on line.  

As I wondered what to write about this week I was reminded about a client session I am delivering this week on being authentic in the workplace and it got me thinking about the importance of living our real lives.  To help prepare for my session I listened to a keynote delivered by Gareth Thomas.  If you haven't listened to any of his talks on YouTube I would encourage you to do so.  He talks about how his performance had been affected by the weight of hiding his sexuality and how being willing to be vulnerable is not a weakness rather the difference between being good and great.  He said he was performing at about 70% with the weight of what he was carrying and hiding.  Now he operates at 100% and feels free.  When asked about what advice he would give a 10 year old version of himself he said that we all go through life trying to please others...

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How to create a great relationship in 2021

goals relationships values Feb 19, 2021

What’s important to you?

I hope you enjoyed the new e-book we sent out last week called ‘The Year that Changed Everything’.  I have appreciated all the great feedback and many of you have passed it onto friends and family too. 

As I write this week’s blog it is Valentines Day.  I hope you are having fun.  I ran a session with my Master Practitioners this morning and was reminded that it doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a partner, it is important to practice some self-love today too!  I will certainly be finding time for some quiet reading.  As it is Valentine’s Day, I want to talk about how do you create a relationship that fits your needs?  This could be important if you are single and searching for that next special person or you want to improve the relationship you are in.  One way of doing this is to find out your relationship values and to reflect on whether they are being met if you are in a...

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