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A Useful Tool for Managing Stress Part 2

In my blog of the 20th February, I spoke about the science behind how to turn everyday stress into optimal stress.  Since then we have had the war break out in Ukraine and our levels of stress are once again at peak levels as we pray for the people of Ukraine and take the action we can personally take to support the war effort.  I have been especially distressed by the photos of the men (and women) of Ukraine leaving their families behind to go to the front line.  As a mother I am anxious for the future safety of my own children.   

I have been reflecting on what Team NLP can do to help.  So today I have a thought challenging tip for you and an idea about how we can support the Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK. 

Firstly, the tip for you...

Anxiety is best described as the unhelpful thinking patterns you experience when your mind fixates on threat, uncertainty and negativity.  This technique helps by broadening your focus to include a...

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Keeping connected during challenging times in 2021.


It was lovely last week to hear from many of you that you found inspiration in the poem I posted by Siri Barker. If you missed it here is the link.

This week I wanted to talk about the importance of connection during these challenging lockdowns.  I am so thankful to have my colleagues and many students in Team NLP to help me keep grounded, focused, and supported.  Connection in these times can mean a check in or a simple question ‘how are you feeling today?’ or an offer of support.  Just over a year ago we established our Team NLP Members Club and we have been developing our ideas around it and improving it ever since.  I wanted to remind you about it as we would be delighted to have you join our tribe.  Our members club is open to any of our previous students for ongoing support beyond your training, for those who have trained with other NLP schools and are seeking an NLP...

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