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A Useful Tool for Managing Stress Part 2

In my blog of the 20th February, I spoke about the science behind how to turn everyday stress into optimal stress.  Since then we have had the war break out in Ukraine and our levels of stress are once again at peak levels as we pray for the people of Ukraine and take the action we can personally take to support the war effort.  I have been especially distressed by the photos of the men (and women) of Ukraine leaving their families behind to go to the front line.  As a mother I am anxious for the future safety of my own children.   

I have been reflecting on what Team NLP can do to help.  So today I have a thought challenging tip for you and an idea about how we can support the Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK. 

Firstly, the tip for you...

Anxiety is best described as the unhelpful thinking patterns you experience when your mind fixates on threat, uncertainty and negativity.  This technique helps by broadening your focus to include a broader picture.  If you are not used to paying much attention to your inner dialogue, thought challenging might feel unnatural at first.  That's ok.  Over time it will get easier.  

This is called the THINK Technique...when you start to get anxious ask yourself:

T (rue?) Is this thought 100% true?  If not, what are the facts and what is opinion?

H (elpful?) Is paying attention to this thought useful to me or others?

I (nspiring) Does the thought inspire me or does it have the opposite effect?

N (ecessary?) Is it important for me to focus on this thought? Is it necessary to act on it? 

K (ind?) Is the thought kind.  If not, what would be a kinder thought for both myself and others? 

To write or type out your thought challenging process is more powerful than doing it in your head.  

The second part of this blog is to ask for your help.  We have qualified NLP coaches who would readily support Ukrainians arriving in the UK by offering free coaching sessions to help them deal with the trauma they have experienced and to help them settle into life in the UK.  If you are hosting a Ukrainian family and they need help please contact us [email protected] and we will do what we can. 

Wishing you every success until next time.

Lindsey and all at Team NLP 



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