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Keeping connected during challenging times in 2021.


It was lovely last week to hear from many of you that you found inspiration in the poem I posted by Siri Barker. If you missed it here is the link.

This week I wanted to talk about the importance of connection during these challenging lockdowns.  I am so thankful to have my colleagues and many students in Team NLP to help me keep grounded, focused, and supported.  Connection in these times can mean a check in or a simple question ‘how are you feeling today?’ or an offer of support.  Just over a year ago we established our Team NLP Members Club and we have been developing our ideas around it and improving it ever since.  I wanted to remind you about it as we would be delighted to have you join our tribe.  Our members club is open to any of our previous students for ongoing support beyond your training, for those who have trained with other NLP schools and are seeking an NLP community to join or for those who are curious and contemplating studying NLP in the future.  Wherever you are we want you to succeed and to help you along your success pathway.  Just imagine if you could spend some of your lockdown time continuing your learning and being part of a vibrant community. 

You are probably wondering what is included in your membership?

You will get access to:

  • Our core team of five NLP trainers and master trainer
  • Our learning platform which is full of learning resources for you
  • Monthly video recorded by one of our team and posted to the platform to continue your ongoing personal development.
  • Monthly 1-hour live practice and social learning group where we deal with current issues and challenges.
  • Private Facebook community where you can interact and share ideas with others.
  • Weekly live Facebook session.
  • 5% off all Team NLP products and services.
  • Regular blog.
  • Opportunity to be a paid coach on Team NLP courses.
  • Join our annual transformation conference and even get the chance to speak!

I ran last month’s development session called ‘Don’t think of a Bar of Chocolate’.  I talked about the importance of focus and the impact of this of sustaining a healthy weight.  We also included our eating styles questionnaire.  In February we will cover the topic of ‘What’s stopping you?’ where we will explore the concept of cause and effect and give you some very practical tips on how to get rid of those excuses that have held you back until now.  In March we will cover ‘Who do you think you are?’ and the impact of our thoughts and beliefs on what we feel is possible for us.  We will link to perception is projection and the different lenses we use.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it! 

The cost to join is £4.99 per month (the cost of two coffees!) or £50 for the year. 

Take care and keep safe

Lindsey and Team NLP


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