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A Blessing for 2021

Wishing You Everything Good

More years ago than I care to remember, I met a very special woman, Siri Barker, on an NLP Practitioner.  We have remained strongly connected since then and I watched in awe as she became a Sangoma or South African Shaman. Last week Siri published an amazing poem that inspired me and filled my heart with hope and so I asked her if I could share it with you too. 

Here it is. 

Find a quiet space, light a candle and be open to this prayer & blessing.

My prayer for you….
That you walk gently on the earth
That you stay within your heart centre
That you find that small steps enlighten your path
That your mind is open to the creativity your spirit seeks
That you deepen your sense and connection to your Ancestors and your place in this world
That you stay connected, grounded and alive in the presence of our earth
That you care for your well-being and give yourself moments to ‘top up’ regularly
That you find courage in moments when courage is needed
That you reach out when it is required
That you open to all those parts of your transformation and that you can see this transformation
That you cleanse the wounds of the past and allow bitterness to fade
That you sit in prayer and deepen your prayerful aspect so your family and the world receive your blessings
That you know you are loved
That you know you are worthy and wonderful
That you find peace with all the change
That you stand tall & strong throughout, still allowing tenderness, vulnerability, and the shadow self to all exist together
That you hear and feel the blessings from me and my ancestors to you at this moment
Thank you

Makhosi Siri, Jan 2021

Take care and keep safe

Lindsey and Team NLP


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