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goals inspiration new beginnings nlp Sep 12, 2021
Empower yourself - NLP Practitioner course

Would you like to learn how to be at your best most of the time?  

My NLP journey started back in 1997 when I was a young senior manager at one of the top 4 consultancy firms wanting to make more of an impression amongst a sea of older male colleagues.  It was tough to find a way to be listened to and taken seriously.  Every time i tried to speak up at meetings my voice seemed to get drowned out.  I remember sharing this with my boss at the time and he said he had heard that 'Neuro Linguistic Programming'  was excellent for improving your communication skills.  I spoke to someone who had taken the Practitioner course and they thoroughly recommended it.  Mind you they warned me that I should only take the course if I was really serious about making changes in my life.  I must admit that I was really curious about this and I decided to sign up.  

You realise that it is these moments of decision that change starts to take place and a new destiny starts to form.  On the course I did improve my communication skills - I learnt how to recognise different communication styles in others and how to respond, how to notice changes in body language in others and what this might mean and of course how to build rapport easily with anyone I met.  However, what really blew me away were all the other tools that I wasn't expecting - how to set consistent goals that I could achieve, how to manage my emotional state at any moment, how to change those limiting beliefs that had held me back in my life up until then.  It was a revelation.

I can honestly say that course changed the direction of my life and I was determined to find a way of using NLP in my work.  I developed a vision for my own NLP training company, and not withstanding lots of adventures along the way, that dream has delivered an abundant life for my family.  My daughter now is a Trainer of NLP and part of our Team NLP leadership team for which I am immensely grateful.

But don't just listen to me, this is what one of our students, Katherine, has to say....

''I had always been interested in NLP ever since I read one of Lindsey Agness’ books. I was hooked! I never managed to find the right time to train though, until I found out that NLP Practitioner was going online which I knew would be perfect for me and fit in with my life and commitments. I have loved every minute of the practitioner course and found the blended learning approach to be very beneficial and helps to cement my learning. I also met a fantastic group of like-minded people throughout the course which was a massive bonus during lock-down! Some of the techniques and learnings throughout the course have been truly lifechanging and I am really looking forward to putting them into practice as I incorporate being a coach into my HR business. I would definitely recommend this course with Team NLP. Throughout the course, the individual sessions which I have had to complement my learning from Tracey have been amazing. Thanks, Tracey and Lindsey!''

Our course offers a blended online approach which fits in with busy lives.  The cost is £1200 or £220 per month over 6 months.  Are you ready to take the leap like I was back in 1997?  Who knows, you might find yourself part of Team NLP one day! 

To find out more: NLP practitioner course.

Warm wishes

Lindsey and all at Team NLP x