New Year New You?

goals inspiration mindset nlp Jan 04, 2022
Welcome to my blog where you will find inspiration and actionable advice on how to improve your life using NLP.  

As we mark the end of another challenging year we are all wondering what 2022 holds for us and our families. I have come to realise as we look ahead to the New Year that there is no idyllic 'post-pandemic' future.  Life is a constant process of change and evolution.  There is no return to a pre-pandemic 'normal'. Life will never be quite the same as there is no static normal.  As we all enter 2022, it's dawned on me and probably on you too, that this uncertainty is my life.  However, there is so much we can take control of.  For example, how we think and feel, how we react to our environment and how we choose to grow and develop so we can manage our personal journey with anticipation and motivation rather than fear.   

I am guessing if you are like more than half of those who set New Year's resolutions, that you will lose motivation early on.  The issue isn't the goal it's the execution.  Many peoples' resolutions start off too big and so overwhelm creeps in. 

What if the best way to create a new habit is to start as small as possible?  This is why we have put together our own online Team NLP conference on the 22nd January between 10 - 2pm with a range of speakers who can help you to find a couple of small things to start working on in 2022.  Even better, it is completely free!  

So if you are serious about making some shifts in your life this year I know you will want to come along and join us.  


Click here to find out more:

How to Future Proof Your Life


We will be recording the whole event, so even if you can't make it in person sign up now and you will get a free recording with no time limits!


Wishing you a healthy and happy 2022.


Lindsey and all at Team NLP x