Keep Moving Forwards...

goals inspiration new beginnings nlp Oct 09, 2022
Keep Moving Forwards - Team NLP

First of all apologies again for the breach of security around our Kajabi site last weekend.  We took it extremely seriously and understand that we were not the only Kajabi customers that it happened to.  We have now added several layers of additional security made available to us by Kajabi and we are confident that we have done everything we can to ensure this won't happen again.  We have also reported it the the Information Commissioner in the UK who has decided to take no further action. 

In this blog I want to explore how to keep moving ahead even in the challenging circumstances we find ourselves in. 

In NLP you learn that if you don't like where you are, keep moving.  The only way to change the scenery around you is to move ahead.  You could go backwards to what you know and feel comfortable with.  Sometimes there is an argument to do this if you need to regroup or regain your energy after a period of emotional turmoil in your life.  However, more normally this means staying still at best, or at worst, stuck.  So, take the next step to move forwards or even sideways in a different direction, no matter how small it is.  The scenery will change and suggest the next step. If moving seems uncomfortable, consider what will staying still feel like in 6 months, in a year, in 5 years?  In the future, will you look back and regret taking the step, or regret never having taken the step?  Something to think about!

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Warm wishes

Lindsey and all at Team NLP