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Which of your new behaviours will stick after the pandemic?

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Our weekly Team NLP blog where you will find inspiration and actionable advice on how to build healthy habits, resilience, and connections in our unprecedented times.

What have you changed? 

When I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a change management consultant we often ran a corporate game with clients called 'the Change Line'.  We spilt the group into two and set up the room with two lines of people so that everyone had a partner that they stood opposite.  We would then ask everyone to turn around, change 6 things about themselves and then turn back around.  Their partner had to say what they had changed.  We did this for several rounds, and, as you can imagine, the game got progressively challenging as everyone had to be more creative with their changes.  After round two, they started swopping items with neighbours in the same row as them and actively collaborating.  There were always lots of lessons to be drawn out of the activity.  However, the most interesting behaviour that always occurred over the years (except for one solitary person in one group) was that at the end of the activity everyone would put everything back to how they had started no matter what changes they had made during the process.  I found this fascinating and an interesting metaphor for our current situation.  

So the key question is what have you changed for the better over the last year?  What will you make sure that you keep going when other things return back to a new normal?  For example, I love that I have got into a much healthier exercise regime over the last year.  I run most days and made a wonderful new friend as I jogged along our local river.  She was doing the same and we now we have become firm running partners and friends. 

What new habits have you created?  Maybe you have achieved more work/life balance, improved your financial foundation, enjoyed home 'nesting', switched to a healthier life style, cooked more often, developed yourself through online learning?  Whatever it is, make a conscious choice for yourself to retain the good habits.  Don't be like the participants of the change line and just revert to how things used to be! 

Happy Easter x

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