Spot, Stop, Swap those Negative Thoughts....

mindset nlp personal change Jun 04, 2023

How are you? I have had a few weeks off dealing with some family stuff which has led to me driving a lot more by myself. To max the use of my time I have been listening to many podcasts which I have enjoyed immensely. Today, I was driving back from Tooting, London listening to Jay Shetty, award wining podcaster and former monk.  He articulated something so well that I decided to share it with you.  

In the last 25 years since I began this work with NLP, I would say that the most common mindset or belief I have come across that holds people back is a feeling of 'not being good enough'. This often dates back to something in the past that is long forgotten but the limiting belief continues until it becomes a generalisation for your whole life.  I want to share a way of starting to shift these unhelpful beliefs in a way that was so eloquently articulated by Jay.  I often talk about awareness being the start of the journey of change.  He talks about 'spot' which is the moment that you begin to consciously notice these negative thoughts about yourself.  For example:

  • I will never be able to find the right relationship
  • What's the point of going for that promotion?
  • What's the point of going to that networking event as no one will speak to me
  • When am i going to be found out that I really don't know what I am talking about

Do any of these resonate with you? Once you start to 'spot' these patterns you can then start to do something with them.  Ideally, you start to 'stop' these old patterns that no longer serve you.  This might take some practice.  Ask yourself, what's my evidence for this thought?  Usually, you will find there is none because you have long stopped noticing when this belief wasn't true for you. Then ask yourself, what would I like to believe instead? For example:

  • It's easy for me to find the right relationship
  • I have as much chance as anyone else to get that promotion 
  • Going to the networking event will be great as I will meet some new and interesting people
  • I know I am successful so let's start showing the world who I really am

Get the idea? Put the alternative thoughts into your own words.  Then the last stage is to 'swap' your old thoughts for the new ones.  Do this every time you catch the old patterns coming up. Eventually your brain will get the new pattern.  Start now...Spot, Stop, Swap.  

NLP is all about helping to change mindsets.  Our Introduction to NLP is online and completely free.  Here is a link to download now.

have a great week.

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