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new beginnings nlp personal change Jan 16, 2022

How has 2022 started for you?

If the past year was good for you, what will you introduce to make 2022 even better? And, if looking back at the past year, you see unaccomplished goals and missed opportunities you have the chance to start over with a clean slate. Are you wondering what to do to start the new year right because how you start the new year is likely to set the tone for the rest of the year? This is why we decided to run our annual Team NLP conference with the theme of 'How to Future Proof Your Life' to give you lots of practical ideas and strategies that you can take into your 2022. 

We have 6 Keynote talks to help you create 2022...

  1. So What's stopping you? - Tracey Gray will explore with you the universal law of cause and effect to enable you to crush any limiting beliefs and give you more options and choices.
  2. Improve your self leadership in 2022 -Tonje Aaroe will share content from the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and learn how to make a paradigm shift in 2022.    
  3. Creating a Healthy Mind and Body - Anton Micallef is an Osteopath and Homeopath. He will show you how to create and keep a healthy immune system and the importance of nutrition and healthy habits.  with questions and answers.
  4. Silencing your inner critic - Maria Hicks will present how to start 2022 with a more positive mindset
  5. Future proof your life with powerful goals - Rak Ladwa - Is it possible to determine our outcome, or is it all down to fate? Rak will share with you the power of setting goals for your future.   
  6. The Only Way to Predict Your Future is To Create it - Lindsey Agness - Will talk about the how to set yourself up for success in 2022.  What really makes the difference?  

The conference runs from 10am - 2pm and will be recorded, so although we hope you join us in person to ask questions and meet new friends, you can watch at a later date.  Here's the link to sign up now:

Unlock Your Future Learn How to Future-Proof Your Life

See you there. 

To your success...

Lindsey and all at Team NLP x