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Discovering NLP and emerging as a new me

goals inspiration nlp Jul 25, 2021

This week we have another guest blog from a member of Team NLP. Maria is one of our newly qualified Master Practitioners.  Over to Maria....

Ever since I did psychology A level I knew that one day I would be working with people, and helping people understand how their mind affects everything in their life. Back then I had never heard of NLP or coaching, and I didn’t know exactly in what capacity I’d be fulfilling my calling.

Fast forward 22 years and I look back on an exciting and rewarding career working in Digital Engineering, and I have especially enjoyed the increasing leadership responsibilities I have picked up over the last 10 years.

I heard about Neuro Linguistic Programming through my osteopath who had trained with Team NLP. After signing up to attend an intensive course in Spring 2020, Covid-19 happened and suddenly the world stood still. The amazing trainers at Team NLP did nothing but – they created an online version of the NLP Practitioner course and one evening in May 6 excited students met on a Zoom call for our first session.

From that very first evening I was hooked – my mind was curious, I just wanted to know more! The way the team had designed the materials meant there was a little bit of self-study before each live session, video materials and a manual to refer to and then students and the trainers come together for a live session to practice and ask questions. I was delighted to make new friends with people from different part of the world during the lockdown!

Every single part of the course was interesting and I found that I could apply my learning to situations at work and home straight away. Colleagues and friends were happy to let me practice my new skills on them and I helped a friend with her phobia.

After I finished my Practitioner course I knew I wanted to learn more and I signed up for the Master Practitioner straight away – it was during this course that I started feeling more confident that I could see a future career for myself doing NLP. In January 2021 I set up my own coaching business, Start Again Coaching, and I am developing my website content, publishing blogs, running events and working with my own clients. Through the continued support of Team NLP and my student community I have found a new path in life for me, something that I really love doing and I feel very grateful and excited.

Are you’re considering learning NLP and feeling a little unsure? Ask yourself – what would happen if you did it, and you loved it?

Thanks Maria...  Here is the link to our free Introduction to NLP course so you too can discover NLP on us....what are you waiting for?  Give yourself a chance to experience it's life changing qualities.

To your success

Lindsey and all at Team NLP


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