Would you choose online or face to face for your NLP Training?

new beginnings nlp online delivery Aug 20, 2023

You will find that since the pandemic hit there have been many innovative ways created to become an accredited NLP Practitioner.  As many NLP training companies are now reverting back to face to face delivery, what is really important when you choose a training school? 

When I took my NLP Practitioner course way back in 1997 I did in over 7 consecutive days in a hotel with a lot of pre-study to complete in advance as well as completing an open book test paper.  It suited me at the time as I wanted to immerse myself into the experience and get it done in the fastest time possible.  I also met some great people and enjoyed the social side of the course over lunchtimes and in the evenings.  It was expensive for me to travel every day and many of my fellow students also had to stay in local hotels to be close enough to travel into the training venue each day.  It was a very stretching and enjoyable experience and I got a lot out if it.  I also completed my Master Practitioner, Trainers Training and Master Trainer face to face.  I had to travel to the US to become a trainer which was a huge investment for me at the time.

This was the 'normal' model until the pandemic hit.  When that happened NLP training companies like Team NLP had to make a choice.  Did we close down our accredited programmes or did we innovate and re-invent the way they were delivered?  We decided to reinvent our model and so we began to consider how best to shape our trainings to retain the quality and robustness of the accreditation process.  In addition to the pandemic hitting, feedback from potential students suggested that committing to seven consecutive days was challenging.  And, our students were becoming geographically widespread not only across the UK but globally.  Therefore a new approach was needed which keeps the highest of standards of training and assessment whilst being more flexible and accessible.  

Our training experience consists of:

  • 18 modules each covering a different NLP subject.
  • E Learning. Each module starts with e learning, this consists of a flip it style e-manual,  a pre-recorded video with guidance and knowledge, video demonstrations and assessments and challenges. 
  • Live and interactive online training. For each module there is a 2.5 hour live training session where all the techniques are practiced and feedback given in detail. And, there is plenty of time for Q&A. 
  • Social / Action Learning groups.  This is designed to re-create the 'social learning' elements of a face to face course. With this in mind, part of your learning experience is to create social learning groups that meet for at least 10 hours throughout the training.  
  • Assessment process. This includes a demonstration and practice session followed by each student being given a range of NLP techniques to undertake at random with fellow students under supervised conditions. Before the assessment you will be expected to submit a case study about how you are developing as an NLP Practitioner.  

As we develop the training we are continually improving it.  Feedback has been positive as students find it incredibly flexible and inclusive without losing any of the quality.  We have also welcomed students from all over the world.  Our trainings also meet the accreditation standards of the American Board of NLP and will enable you to join the Association of NLP in the UK as a member at your accreditation level. 

My conclusion would be that it is great we have become more flexible as NLP trainers - it is one of the pre-suppositions of NLP after all.  The important thing is that we retain the quality of the experience, supervision, feedback and assessment and retain the 'face to face' hours whether in a hotel or live online. 

Our next online NLP Practitioner starts in September. It costs £1500 which is available on a payment plan.  Here are more details:

Team NLP NLP Practitioner Course

 I'd be delighted to answer any questions or hear what you think.  

Have a great week.

Lindsey and the team at Team NLP.