Time for a personal re-set?

goals nlp Apr 03, 2023

Those of you that know me well know that I love cats.  I have two of my own, Elmo and Cookie, who are two of the most fiercely ambitious creatures that I know.  They know exactly what they want and find ways to communicate their needs with us.  They are super resilient and never give up until we usually give in! The photo I used this week reminds me of them both.  It left me wondering if you are happy with where you are right now.  Take our Personal Discovery Quiz to find out. 

Be honest with yourself.

When you wake up in the mornings, do you:

  1. Jump out of bed excited about the day that lies ahead?
  2. Have to drag yourself out from under the duvet?
  3. Feel exhausted as you’ve been unable to sleep very well?

When your friend asks you how you are, do you answer:

  1. ‘Absolutely brilliant’?
  2. ‘Mustn’t grumble’?
  3. ‘Don’t even ask’? 

As you consider your goals for the future, do you:

  1. Feel really motivated?
  2. Think ‘What goals?’?
  3. Go blank as you’re struggling to get through today? 

When did you last spend time developing yourself? 

  1. Within the past month.
  2. You can’t remember.
  3. You think ‘What’s the point?’

 Add up the number of times you chose each number, and then see below what the results suggest about you:

Highest score ‘1s’ – congratulations! You are already moving in the direction of the Brilliant Zone where life is pretty amazing, and I’ll show you how it can get even better.

Highest score ‘2s’ – even if you don’t realise it yet, you are firmly in the Grey Zone and it’s time to work out what you really want.

Highest score ‘3s’ – I imagine that your life feels at rock bottom right now. When does it get bad enough for you to shift yourself out of the Awful Zone?

Whatever your score our certified NLP Practitioner will help you to re-set and become the best version of yourself.  You can also join as a reviewer if you have successfully taken the course in the past for 30% of the price.  Find out more here:

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To your success...

Lindsey and all at Team NLP