How to Rewire Your Brain

mindset nlp rewiring your brain Sep 17, 2023

A big topic for a short blog!  Whilst most people take a good detective novel away on holiday I enjoy catching up on more technical reading although there will also be a new Donna Leon novel loaded up on my kindle too!  I have just come back from a short trip to Italy where I read 'Rewire Your Brain' by John B Arden.  There was a method for rewiring your brain that caught my attention because of the alignment with NLP. 

Why would you want to rewire your brain? Just imagine how things for you could change if you could switch off that annoying self-talk that holds you back in some way whether it tells you you are an imposter, not good enough, too fat, too thin etc. Essentially, unable to have what you really want in your life.  Life would be different wouldn't it if you could swap that negative self-talk for something that 100% encouraged you.

John talks about 'FEED' your brain which involves four steps:

  • Focus
  • Effort
  • Effortless
  • Determination

Focus is all about clarity about what you want to change.  Remember to focus on what it is you want not what you don't want.  You can't rewire the brain without opening the gate or initiating the change.  Focus gets the ball rolling.  

Effort shifts your attention from perception to action.  Making a focused effort activates your brain to establish new synaptic connections. It is important to focus effort consciously over a period of time to make these new connections.  It is like creating a new habit.  

Effortless or unconscious action happens once the new behaviour is established as it takes less energy to keep it going.  Over time, practice makes it effortless.

Determination being willing to take the same action over and over again until it becomes an unconscious habit or new way of being.  Learn from each experience whatever happens and keep moving forwards. Over time you will complete the feeding process to rewire your brain. 

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