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nlp personal change Apr 16, 2023

I am away in Italy at the moment and the photo shot that i used this week was taken out of our lounge window on a stormy evening. Suddenly this beautiful rainbow appeared.  I have never seen anything like it before.  It seemed like the view was caught up in a bubble surrounded by the rainbow and it totally blew me away.  I was left wondering when was the last time you were blown away by something special?  

On the 29th April we launch our next hybrid Practitioner which includes a mix of online self directed learning and live trainer led sessions by myself and my team.  If you want to change any element of your life I can personally guarantee that the NLP Practitioner is the most transformational programme you will ever have the opportunity to take.  I took my NLP Practitioner back in 1997 and I became a Master Trainer of NLP in 2012.  NLP has permeated every area of my life and has allowed me to make a career of improving the lives of other people. I have been privileged to work with many hundreds of people and teams, and, with the help of hybrid working, it has enabled me to spend part of my year in Italy.  No sob story just plain old hard work has got me to where I am now.  That's the thing about NLP it will enable you to learn about the thoughts and beliefs that are driving you forward and those holding you back. What if you could change your mindset so that you start to believe in yourself and the possibilities that are out there for you?  No more low self esteem, fear of failure, self sabotage or impostor syndrome....just the personal belief that change is possible. Does that sound useful to you?  More specifically our NLP Practitioner training will help you to:

  • Set compelling goals to enable you to become more focused about what you want out of life
  • Manage your state so you can always choose to be in control of your emotions and destiny
  • Break unhelpful patterns that have held you back
  • Coach others to set goals for themselves
  • Build great relationships with family, friends, clients and colleagues
  • Heighten your sensitivity to what is going on around you
  • Become a world-class communicator
  • Develop your flexibility in dealing with all situations
  • Improve your ability to generate commitment, co-operation and enthusiasm amongst those around you

All in all, it's like having an instruction manual for your brain where you start to become in charge of your own results.  The course runs over 4 months and starts on the 29th April 2023.  This is the last course we are running at the current price of £1200 and we have payment plans available.  I'd be delighted to personally answer any of your questions over a zoom or phone call.  Here's the link to find out more:

Have an amazing week.

Lindsey and the team at Team NLP