Using NLP to Age Healthily Part Two

aging health nlp Feb 05, 2024

Last week I started to write about how to use the lessons from NLP to age healthily.  I spoke about how in NLP we know that what we think about determines how we feel, our physiology and ultimately our behaviour and the results we achieve.  I suggested that you start reframing your awareness towards healthy aging and to notice what you are focused on.  How did you get on?

This week I want to chunk down a bit more on the topic of how to start to adjust your thinking.  The cultural images we are fed on TV are not helpful as you will rarely be shown an older person with vitality and youthfulness.  Usually, it is an image of someone using a mobility aid or a stick! Be aware that how you represent aging in your mind will send those kinds of messages to your body. For many people, this is the first place to make some changes—alter the representational code that you currently have in your head. Create a picture of aging that you find attractive and compelling.  Maybe you know someone who is a model of excellence to you. What is it you admire about them? What can you learn from them? 

In addition to your mental pictures, it involves what you believe about aging.  Some of these beliefs will be held unconsciously. What do you believe? When it comes to beliefs, there are many kinds of beliefs.  For example, you might believe that when you get older you lose your memory or if there is a particular illness in your family you will get it etc.  Start to reframe any negative beliefs that you hold to prevent your beliefs sending signals to your body which can ultimately influence how your body responds.  We call this the actualisation process and it is like the photo of the pebble in the pond at the start of this blog / newsletter as any negative beliefs may cause repercussions that are toxic to you.  So start to notice your own beliefs around aging...what if you cause the cause and effect of your aging?  Now that is interesting! 

Have a wonderful week.

Lindsey and the team at Team NLP

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