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Moving onto reset

Welcome to our blog where you will find inspiration and actionable advice to build resilience and success in these unprecedented times.  

This week I want to talk about moving on from 18 months of constant change and overwhelming restrictions in our lives.  Indeed, life is still full of challenges.  We have been attempting to get to Italy for many months now for a break, and just when we thought we could make our dash from the UK by car, France was put on the amber plus list.  This week France may come off but Italy may go onto the 'watch-list'.  It's exhausting isn't it!  So it is still likely to be some time before our lives can really 'reset'.  It's maybe time to remind ourselves about the link between our thoughts and our health and the fact that we can control our reaction to whatever is happening even if we can't control the event itself.  

I had the pleasure to meet Candace Pert some years ago.  she wrote 'Molecules of Emotion'.  It's a great read for understanding the undeniable link between the mind and the body. The vehicle that the mind and body use to communicate with each other is the chemistry of emotion. The chemicals in question are molecules, short chains of amino acids called peptides and receptors, that are believed to be the ‘biochemical correlate of emotion’. The peptides can be found in your brain, but also in your stomach, your muscles, your glands and all your major organs, sending messages back and forth.

Our cells are eavesdropping on our thoughts every second of our lives. So our emotions have a deciding influence on our health as the neuropeptides and their receptors are in constant communication with the immune system. Viruses use the same receptors to enter the cells, as do the neuropeptides we release when we are experiencing elevated moods. Is that why if we are feeling under the weather and a friend invites us out that we can find ourselves in a different emotional state within minutes and ready to go out? It’s because the neuropeptides flood out the virus molecules and release energy that help us to feel much better. It seems to be that our health reflects the emotions we are feeling and the emotions follow the thoughts we think. Something to think about especially in this covid age. 

So the quality of your thoughts will also have an impact on the well-being of your whole being, not just your mind. As your cells eavesdrop on all your thoughts it’s vital that your thoughts and your emotions are supportive to your system. Human cells have evolved to a formidable state of intelligence. Imagine if you spent much of your day focusing on negative thoughts or feelings – what damaging suggestions will you be giving to the rest of your body?  Why not experiment and reframe those less than positive thoughts....become your own observer.  Enjoy the difference!  

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