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Dispelling the myths of hypnosis

Uncategorized May 30, 2021

How has your week been?  We are enjoying a few days away at the sea while we wait to exchange on our next house and enjoying the sunshine.  

This week I want to blow away some of the myths about hypnosis and give you an activity in self hypnosis which you can do to relax and calm yourself in any situation....The doorway to success in hypnosis is the unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind not only holds information that is outside of your conscious awareness, it also runs your body.  A moment before reading this blog you were probably not aware of the feeling of your feet against the floor or your back against the chair but now you are as I have brought them into your conscious awareness.  I wonder how many of you have had that experience of driving to a familiar place and having little conscious awareness of how you got there.  How did you get there?  Your unconscious mind was in charge!  Because of the work of people like Dr Deepak Chopra, we now know more about the mind-body connection and the role that your unconscious mind plays in keeping you well.  The unconscious mind is not real in the sense that you can see it and it is real in the sense of the connection we can make with it.  Hypnosis allows us to connect directly with our unconscious mind and for it to support us in making changes to how we feel about our lives including our health.  Yet,  it gets a bad press as we hear about the power of those stage shows that appear to show people with no control over their behaviour.  The reality is that you are always in control if you visit a hypnotherapist.  Your unconscious mind will not allow you to do anything that goes against your values.  Some people are more suggestible than others because some are willing to let go a little and see what happens.  As a hypnotherapist there is no point me working with someone who is determined not to do as I ask them....I do need clients who trust the process and are willing to follow instructions.  For example, if I asked you to rob a bank whilst you are in a trance you would be very unlikely to do that unless morally you thought it was an ok instruction!  By the way, I never have asked anyone to do that.  The benefits are huge as, whilst in trance, we can tap into real power to create change in our lives. 

The other myth is that you feel zonked out.  In fact, being in a light trance is no different to feeling relaxed.  Often clients tell me that their awareness is heightened when working in a trance not diminished.  In fact, all hypnosis is self hypnosis as the client is the only person that can hypnotise themselves under the guidance of the hypnotherapist. 

Here is an activity to help develop your self hypnosis skills which is good if you wish to calm your emotional state.  First of all, find a spot to focus on above eye level. As you do this now, just let you mind relax.  Begin to regulate your breathing.  We can get into a coherent state of breathing by breathing in a for 5 or 6 seconds then breathing out for the same amount of time.  Notice in a matter of moments you can begin to allow your awareness to expand outwards into the periphery.  Take yourself to your happy place where you feel at ease and happy.  Do this whenever you need to.  Enjoy!

We are also asked why train as a hypnotherapist?

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We show you how to do this and so much more....We have our first face to face training for 18 months coming up on the 10th - 11th July at the Radisson Blu hotel in Stansted.  You can also join remotely.  If you would like to train as a hypnotherapist or be able to understand how to use this gift on yourself, and, you are already a Practitioner of NLP or above please join us.  The cost is £550. To find out more follow this link:

Have a great week.

From Lindsey and the team at Team NLP


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