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What it means to be ready for Team NLP certification programmes 

Don’t even think about taking one of our certification programmes unless you are ready to transform your view of what is possible for you because our programmes give you the ultimate personal development experience. 

You are ready for our NLP Practitioner programme if you want to be empowered to achieve personal success.  You will already know something about the power of NLP, and maybe have taken our free Introduction course although this is not mandatory.  You will want to:

  • Stretch yourself to achieve your true potential
  • Learn how to develop and apply world class influencing and communication skills
  • Leave feeling confident to use the techniques on yourself and with others.

The difference between our Practitioner and Master Practitioner is a bit like the difference between taking a degree and then progressing to a Master’s Degree.  You are ready for our NLP Master Practitioner if you are someone who is already a Practitioner of NLP and you want to make NLP an integral part of your life and work.  You will want to:

  • Take what you are doing to the next level
  • Learn skills that enable you to become a coach, therapist and business consultant
  • Be able to design and deliver lifechanging BreakThrough sessions for your clients. 

If you want to start a successful NLP training business then our NLP Trainer’s training is the way to go.  You will be someone who wants to use NLP to teach anything with spectacular results, and especially to design, develop and deliver your own accredited NLP programmes.   Consider how satisfying it would be to be able to pass on your world-class NLP skills to others and to make your contribution towards changing the planet!  You will want to:

  • Demonstrate exceptional speaker and platform skills
  • Learn how to use NLP in any training context to enable your clients to get consistent results
  • Train others to NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner level


Our certification pathways offer you the ultimate in blended, flexible learning approaches using self-study, online live sessions and a face to face assessment finale. 


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Courses and Support for you:

NLP Practitioner Certification:

This is the start of your certification pathway, be prepared for personal and professional transformation. Team NLP offer a fresh, new and interactive training! We are bringing you a blended learning curriculum which uses a variety of training, assessment and integration methods ensuring that Team NLP graduates are equipped with not only knowledge and skills, we also ensure you are confident, competent and fit for practice.  This course is accredited through the American Board of NLP.


NLP Master Practitioner Certification:

Our Master Practitioner Programme, will enable you to take your practitioner skills to mastery level and teach you many more advanced techniques. Your training with Team NLP gives you the skills, confidence and credibility to be an outstanding Master Practitioner. If you trained as a practitioner through a different NLP training provider you can still train with us to become a Master Practitioner. 


NLP Coaching Practitioner:

More people are looking at coaching to assist them in getting the life they want. Whether you intend to coach in business or a niche area, this course will develop your confidence and provides you with all the tools you need. This American Board of NLP accredited coaching course applies your NLP skills in a coaching context.  As well as introducing you to other coaching models and tools.


NLP Trainers Training:

This is the ultimate programme if you are committed to being an NLP professional or for those wanting to be the best of the best in the training and presenting professions.  Our trainer graduates have the opportunity to get paid work with Team NLP.  To learn more book a consultation call with Lindsey Team NLP's Master Trainer.

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