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What it means to be new to NLP

If life is what you make it then making your life better starts here.  What we learn today can change our lives forever.  If you are new to NLP you will be curious and motivated to discover what NLP can do for you.  You will want to:

  • Set goals for your future that you achieve
  • Shift your negative self-talk
  • Open up new opportunities
  • Inspire you to make a difference to others

Whether you want more confidence or less stress, a healthier lifestyle  or a different perspective on life, NLP provides an easy to learn tool-kit to create the life you want.  We have created a pathway that will get you started.  Go on help yourself and start right now by signing up for our free Introduction to NLP online course.

What it means to be new to NLP
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Courses and Support for you:

A Free Introduction to NLP:

This is a great place to start your journey to success.  Here we introduce you to the key conches of NLP.  You also get full access to our online learning platform.

Just some of things you will learn:

  1. The background of NLP.
  2. The NLP communication model and how it gives you choice.
  3. The frames of NLP and how to apply them you.
  4. Discover how energy works in your body.
  5. How to control emotions in an instant.
  6. The link between your beliefs and your success.
  7. How to change those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and create new empowering ones.

Bonus we introduce to The Art of Resilience with some pragmatic tools to use.


Join our tribe :

You are invited to join our tribe, we really want you to join us and collaborate with us to build an ethical, professional and inspiring community.

Whatever your level of experience with NLP our membership club has  something for you.  Including monthly development sessions,  peer support and supervision and an annual FREE conference.  


NLP Practitioner Certification Training:

If you are new to NLP and already know you want to become a certified practitioner then this is the course for you. A fresh, new and interactive training! We are bringing you a blended learning curriculum which uses a variety of training,
assessment and integration methods ensuring that Team NLP graduates are equipped with not only knowledge and skills,
we also ensure you are confident, competent and fit for practice.


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