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ILM Level 5 Certificate Effective Coaching and Mentoring

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring

Metice Development solutions have created a fresh new and interactive approach. We are bringing you a blended learning curriculum which uses a variety of training, assessment and integration methods ensuring that you have a learner centric fully supported experience. We have partnered with Team NLP to bring you this training ensuring that you are a credible and fit for purpose coach.

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What is coaching and mentoring?

Coaching is a two way process, which captures and develops a person's talents in the interest of achieving a specific goal.  Coaching provides a person with the focus to overcome barriers; provide forward thinking, take the required action and deliver excellent results.

'Coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to go.'

A mentor can help you advance within your field and connect you with opportunities that you might not have otherwise had access to. They do this by sharing their knowledge, helping you identify opportunities in your path, and potentially opening doors for you when the time comes.

Almost every great achiever in history has claimed that they had a great coach/mentor at some point during their rise to excellence.


Why Train with Metice?

Metice Development have been working together with ILM for many years. We have certified over 250 coaches in the last 10 years.

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring with Metice gives you:

  • A fully blended online interactive course with in-depth presentations and online sessions with peer support.
  • 10 months Personal Tutor / Facilitator support: coaching, advice, guidance, and feedback on draft assignment work and coaching supervision.
  • 1-to-1 advice and practical help from our personal tutors who have trained people from some of the world’s largest organisations.
  • Metice facilitators are all practicing business / performance coaches and mentors.
  • A Metice track record of certificating over 250 coaches in last ten years.
  • A wide range of support materials; videos, session slides, handbooks of additional reading, workbooks and access to a range of coaching resources.
  • On successful achievement, an internationally recognised and respected ILM Level 5 Certificate as well as 16 credits on the international qualifications framework.
  • No need to take time away from work.

What some of our clients are saying...

Rosie McPhee Director Learning and Development EMEA

I  have been working with Don Greenwood and Metice Development solutions for the last 12 years. Over that time period they have been a great partner for our organisation, developing and delivering many of our Leadership and Coaching programmes in both our EMEA markets and globally.

 They provide excellent customer service, delivering above expectation and always to what usually works out to be very tight timeframes. They take time to understand our culture and changing objectives, are exceptionally flexible and care as much as we do that our objectives are met.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Mr. A. Noor,  Learning and Development Coordinator

In my role as Learning and Development Coordinator, I had the opportunity of working closely with Metice Development Solutions Ltd for several years

 As regards organisation of the courses, I much appreciated Metice for their reliable and flexible approach.  Feedback and analysis was provided regularly by the consultants on how to improve and tailor the training to our managers.  Metice were very reactive to requests for specific training and coaching sessions, often preparing courses and material in very short timeframes.  They were always very pleasant, good humoured, dynamic and motivated.

Metice always went the extra mile: a two-day training course delivered in our headquarters by Metice was intensive! Not only would the consultants provide excellent coaching to the group but they would also individually follow-up with managers who had particular management issues.  This was often during their breaks, lunch time or in the evenings.  Metice provided continuous coaching and advice to all our managers who attended their courses if so requested.

 To summarise, I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Metice as a leading service provider in leadership and coach training.  Not only do they have the expertise and skills and provide excellent training, they are a delight to work with.  


Meet Your Trainers: 

Don Greenwood

Award winning trainer, experienced international business / personal coach and mentor, having certificated over 250 practising coaches across many industries.
25 years international experience, trans-national and multi-cultural group facilitator, USA, Europe, Far East, Africa, Russia both private and public sector organisations.

Don Greenwood Award winning trainer

Sue Rawden-Barrington

Over 25 years experience as an International  coach and mentor in public, private and voluntary organisations. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Solution Focussed Counsellor in Private Practice.

Sue Rawden-Barrington Hypnotherapist and Solution

Tracey Gray

Tracey is a Trainer of NLP, A HeartMath Resilience Trainer and Trainer and Master Coach of mBraining. Tracey has a professional background in nursing, education and senior management within the NHS. Where she developed and delivered NLP and coaching programmes and interventions which led to 2 x prestigious national awards. 

Tracey Gray is a Trainer of NLP

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What is the new structure?

There are several key components that make our programme flexible, fun and credible.

  • Each student has a Metice personal coach assigned throughout the programme.
  • The content is in manageable sessions, easily accessible on our online learning platform.
  • Each session has an e workbook,  a manual and additional resources.
  • Each session has a video presentation that you can watch as many times as you want to.
  • Each session has online live sessions to practice and embed the learning.
  • We skilfully guide you through the assignments so that you gain your internationally recognised coaching qualification in a timely manner.
NLP coaching programme flexible
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Key benefits for you

  • Get a critical understanding of the role and responsibilities of a workplace coach.
  • Deepen your understanding of how coaching can impact an individual and an organisation.
  • Be able to assess your own skills, behaviours and knowledge as a coach.
  • Provide evidence of your own development as a coach through the qualification. 
  • Plan deliver and review coaching within your organisation.
  • Help your organisation develop a coaching culture.
  • Plan your further ongoing development.

More specifically you will learn: 

Session One : Commencing Your Coaching Journey.

  • Exploring the role of the coach and mentor.
  • Discover they skills, knowledge and behaviour of a successful coach.
  • Assess benefits and organisational barriers to coaching and mentoring.
  • A guide to key questioning and listening skills.
  • An Introduction to G.R.O.W model of coaching.

Session Two : Building Your Coaching Role.

  • The importance of goal setting.
  • Creating agreements between coach and coachee.
  • The rationale for contracts and ways of working.
  • Reviewing organisational readiness.
  • How to structure a coaching session.
  • The OSCAR coaching model. 

Session Three : Developing Your Coaching Technique

  • Define the elements of a successful coaching relationship.
  • Recognise potential barriers to an effective relationship.
  • Identify the 4 key personality types and how they communicate.
  • Consider how the different types may help or hinder the coaching process.
  • Utilise the skills of rapport and empathy in a coaching context.
  • Use powerful questions to enhance coaching relationships.
  • Explore the importance of understanding values, beliefs and attitudes.
  • Consider the importance of a non-judgmental approach.
  • Apply Scaling techniques to develop communication and mutual understanding.

Session Four : Extending Your Coaching Role

  • Discover the importance of Coach supervision.
  • An Overview of advanced coaching techniques.
  • Resilience coaching and the importance of being in the right state as a coach.
  • Collective intelligence coaching in a conversational format.
  • An introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming.
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The benefits of an ILM Qualification

  • An internationally recognised qualification.
  • Learning is focused on real organisational application and improvement.
  • Enhanced decision making and productivity.
  • Structured learning meaning minimal time away from the workplace.
  • Strengthened skill-set equips the manager to succeed in the constantly evolving workplace.
  • increases ability to make quality assessments about performance.
  • FREE 12 - month ILM membership for each delegate.

87% of learners said their ILM qualification provided them with essential workplace skills.

78% of employers that chose ILM qualifications saw a return on investment in just 1 year.

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Programme Fee & Contact Information:

The sessions are run remotely with full support.  On enrolment you will receive an email which has all online live dates timetabled.

The first On Line Live session is on Tuesday 19th October at 6pm.

We are offering the the entire training and materials for only £1,300 when you pay in full.

If you wish to spread the cost it will be 6 monthly instalments of £240

Your fee includes full registration and certification from ILM with 12 months FREE membership.

Now you are ready to book please click on the link below and choose the right option for you. We are always happy to arrange a call if you have any further questions please contact [email protected] 

Congratulations on making the decision to train with us, please select your preferred option below:

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring

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