Are you living in your grey zone or your growth zone?

Mar 11, 2024

In my many years as an NLP Master Trainer, I have realised that many people would prefer to stay right were they are getting the same results they're been getting (that are not really very satisfying) instead of getting temporarily uncomfortable and opening up to the possibility of having more off what they want.  I call the grey zone that familiar place which feels safe yet is also the place of unrealised dreams.  When someone like me comes in and suggests that they do thigs differently, they tend to put up some resistance. Check out where you are right now by asking yourself these questions - you can score yourself from 0 - 10 for each one:

  • Overall, how comfortable am I where I am right now?
  • Am i enjoying my personal and professional lives?
  • How do I feel about my level of health and well-being?
  • Am I in a good place?

Your unconscious mind is designed to want more and more for you, and at the same time, to keep you safe.  Whenever we push against the boundaries of our grey zone we are likely to feel fear and doubt we are capable.  We often allow ourselves to catastrophise how things will be rather than focus on the positives of the change.  This is normal and is backed up by science.  In addition, we all have different thresholds of stress.  So what can we do to help ourselves move forwards?

Step 1 - Reframe your stress levels from anxiety to excitement.  Physiologically there is no difference.

Step 2 - Be curious about change rather than resistant.  This is one of the key features of a growth mindset. 

Step 3 - Practice things you wouldn't normally do. They maybe easier than you think!

Step 4 - It's okay to take small steps as well as larger bolder ones.  Every step forwards is progress.

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Have a great M other's Day and an amazing week.

Lindsey and all at Team NLP