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What keeps you going?

inspiration nlp resilience Jun 26, 2022

At a time when the world around us is not doing well what can we do to keep ourselves going?  How do we centre ourselves at a time like this?  It's a question that I ask myself regularly and its a question that I discuss with my clients as many of us are cycling through fight, flight, and freeze responses faster than we can finish a cup of coffee.  I have just come back from a week away with my family in the Scottish Highlands.  Two adult children, daughter-in-law, new born granddaughter, two dogs as well as my husband!  It's not been an easy year so far with some health issues for a couple of family members balanced by the love for our new arrival, Matilda.  It was the first time we have taken a holiday altogether for over 10 years.  What a delightful and wonderful mix of laughter, complete chaos, exploration, eating together, baby sitting,  picnics, scenic walks and the joy of being together.  I have been watching the six seasons of 'This is Us' on amazon (much to the exasperation of my partner) which is all about the history of a normal family - the love, joy, disappointments and sadness of loss.  Our trip was our own 'This is Us' moment. It was our counter-balance to the environment we currently find ourselves in with news stories of war, loss, scarcity and rising prices 24/7. 

I am wondering how you are coping?  What is your 'This is Us' moment that will help you to keep the faith no matter what comes at you?  Since my return I have been working on a new e-book and I have collected all my blogs together from the last 15 months into a collection of ideas, tips, practical activities you can use to keep yourself going. Just click on the link below or from our blog page to be able to download your free copy.

And, for those of you who have already decided that you want to learn a whole tool-kit of techniques to help you and those around you to thrive, here is a link to our next blended NLP Practitioner course that starts mid September.  Remember we have a couple of heavily discounted reviewer spots in each group for those of you who qualified some time ago and want to refresh your NLP knowledge and skills.

Have a great week.

Warm wishes

Lindsey and all at Team NLP





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